Zhejiang Datian Machine Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing electric transfer pumps, fuel dispensers, fuel dispenser parts ( combination pumps, flowmeters, fueling nozzles, solenoid valves, nozzle holders etc. ) in China since 1980’s.
Our factory covers 22,347 square meters, total registered asset is RMB 67 million,. Meanwhile, a professtional management team and 90 sets advanced machining equipments insure that we have a good R&D, QC capability.
All of our products have passed the China explosion-proof Approval, and flow Meter has got the China meter manufacture approval , solenoid valve “UL”, “ATEx”, “IECEx” approval; fueling nozzle “UL” approval,our pulser “ATEx” approval etc.
As for high quality, reasonable price, quick delivery and efficient service, our products have been exported to France, Germany, Greece, Urkraine, Poland, UK, America, Brazil, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Phillippines etc.  
We keep the promise “ Satisfy customers, Profit customers “, and welcome more and more customers would join us and work together for creating brilliance.
Welcome to Datian.

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