Mini Fuel Dispenser/JYB-80  

JYB-80 has been designed and manufactured to cater for the demand for a compact diesel-fuel dispenser for private use. That is easy to install. It can be fitted to a wall, directly on the tank by means of the quick coupling or on a column.
In terms of low running costs, compact dimensions and flexibility, together with all-round efficiency.JYB-80 is a truly unique dispenser.
JYB-80 Adopts advanced computer technical control, high reliability, expediently operate, abundant function, easily use.
It can display Volume, Weight, Amount, and Unit Price.
It can be rationed by Liter and Amount.
The data is displayed on LCD Screen clearly.

 Technical performance


Diesel, Kerosene

Flow Rate of Pump


Working Pressure

AC220V±10% 50Hz

AC110V±10% 50Hz

Motor Power


Max. Pressure


Precision of Flowmeter



Inlet BSPF1”   Outlet BSPF1”

One-time Count Range

Amount (0.00-99999.99)¥

Total Count Range

Amount (0.00-99999.99)¥

 Data Kept afterStopping Currency 10years

  Product Structure Dimension Drawings
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