Transfer Pump/EXYTB-60B  

EXYTB-60Bis designed according to vane pump′S feature with mechanical seal and explosion proof  

Single-phase asynchronous motor for oil dispensers that guarantees constant reliability even in

Low temperature cast-iron pump casing treated against corrosion and paint-finished in-built 60

Micron filter easy to clean continuous running 1″Threaded joints on pump casing Bypass valve

Built into pump casing it′S easy to operate being widely used in motorcade factory house using

For diesel kerosene and gasoline

Technical performance


Gasoline,Diesel oil, Coal oil etc.

Flow Rate



220V±10% 50Hz

0.37KW   2.6A

Motor Rotate Speed


Noise level


Precision of flowmeter


End pressure


Max.Operating 0.03MPa
Tube diameter 3/4"
Tube Nozzle Client choice
Weight 16Kg
Ex Marking Exd Ⅱ BT3

  Product Structure Dimension Drawings
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