3 Ways Ex Junction Boxes for Fuel Dispenser


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Product Description

AH series explosion-proof junction box with the GB3836 explosion-proof 2000 regulation, flameproof, made its mark is ExdIIB explosion. Applicable to contain type IIA, IIB, the corresponding temperature classes with explosive air mixture of district 1, 2 division places.

Explosion-proof box as flameproof explosion-proof parts, can be used as a control, lighting or power line cable branch connection with, also can be used as tankers power circuit.

The products by national anti-explosive electric product quality supervision and inspection center for qualified, has awarded flame-proof certification, card number is: CNEx09.1422(AH-3)

This product has obtained the industrial production license, card number is: XK06-014-00165

Product Structure Dimension Drawings

Product Structure Dimension Drawings