DB-65 Coupling Drive


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Main Features

DB-65 multistage pump is a centrifugal pump, which adopts horizontal structure of 6 classes. And the shaft adopts mechanical seal without cooling. The pump is used for transferring LPG, especially it is high differential pressure, low NPSH and the gas of LPG up to 50% when pumping LPG from underground tank. The suction end of the pump adopts precompression turbine, which makes it better in use under the requirement of low NPSH. So this pump can work under the condition of bad suction.


LPG tank filling
Pumping LPG from underground storage
Bulk filling operations
Loading/unloading of oil tank trucks
Vapor recuperation

Technical Specification

direction of rotation anti-clockwise facing the end of of the
pump drive shaft.
Max. pressure 40bars at 120℃
speed 1450rpm
power 380V,50Hz,4KW
ambient temperature 20℃-+60℃
class 6
connecting flanges DIN2501,PN40
bearings slip bearing at the pump end、ball bearing at the drive end
lubrication The slip bearing at the pump end lubricated by the pump liquid drive the ball bearing to self lubricate.

Performance Data(Density = 1kg/1)

FLOW rate DB-65 NPSH 1(m) NPSH 2(m)
1.0m3/H H(Kw) 6 1.35 0.17
P(m) 243
1.5m3/H H(Kw) 5.5 1.25 0.17
P(m) 219
2.5m3/H H(Kw) 4.35 1.1 0.17
P(m) 169
3.5m3/H H(Kw) 3.4 0.95 0.17
P(m) 120
4.5m3/H H(Kw) 2.65 0.95 0.18
P(m) 76