Low temperature adsorption oil and gas discharge treatment device



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Main Features

Low Temperature Adsorption Oil And Gas Discharge Treatment Device
DT-500A oil and gas recovery and treatment device is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly recovery equipment independently developed by our company with reference to foreign oil and gas recovery and treatment technology,mainly used in gas stations.Petroleum and refined oil have multiple loading and unloading links in the process of refining,storage, transportation and sales. Each loading and unloading will volatilize a large amount of organic gas (mainly refers to the volatiles of volatile oil products such as gasoline and stable light hydrocarbons). The composition is a volatile organic hydrocarbon mixture at room temperature. At least two oil and gas emissions will occur when gas stations are engaged in gasoline sales, that is,when oil is fed, unloading oil to the underground oil tank and refueling the customer’s oil tank will emit the same volume of oil vapor as gasoline. This machine adopts the method of condensation carbon adsorption to displace the heat of oil and gas, so that it can be changed from gas state to liquid state, so as to realize recycling.

Product Features

  1. Temperature display control
  2. Imported pressure sensing function (induction tank pressure start device)(optional)
  3. Running time monitoring (total running time of a single running time)
  4. Number of runs
  5. Flow monitoring (optional)
  6. Emission concentration monitoring (optional)
  7. Online monitoring control (optional)
  8. Mobile APP view (optional)

Technical Parameter

Model DT-500A/DT-1000A Power 3.5KW
There fg erant R404a/R22 Voltage 50Hz
FlowRate 30m’/h~50m*/h60m/h~80m*/h Current AC380V
Temperature -40°C~60°C Ex-Mark ExdeibmbIIBT4Gb