Oil and Gas Recovery And Treatment Device


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Main features

DT (Vapor Recovery Treatment Device)is the gradual increase of oil and gas to the gas station tank,and reduces the hydrocarbon emissions from the gas station by controlling the pressure of the tank.The tank pressure management is to release the mixed gas in the storage tank,adopt the rapid compression condensation technology and the world-leading MTR company’s Membrane membrane separation technology,release the air in the storage tank,recover theoil and gas,and control the emission to meet the environmental protection standards.

Functional features

  • It can greatly reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds,which is conducive to the improvement of air quality;
  • Convert the recovered oil and gas into gasoline to achieve energy saving and emission reduction;
  • Improve the safety of gas stations;
  • The improvement of the air quality of the gas station reduces the factors that damage human health,which is in line with the management concept of the company’s HSE.

Technical Parameter

Medium Gasoline volatile gas, alkane gas, etc. Intermittent time 2min
Powersupply 380V AC 2KW processing power 3m3/h、6m3/h、10m3/h
Power 1.5KW、0.37KW Emission concentration <10mg/L、<25mg/L
Staring pressure +150Pa Ex-Mark ExdiaIIBT4Gb
Standby pressure -150Pa Connection method threaded connection
Duraonti 10min Ambient temperature -25℃~55℃
(A)Noise(A) ≤60dB