The smart large screen multimedia fuel dispenser is a product upgrade based on the existing series.It has been improved from the appearance design to the whole machine configuration.The appearance design is more rounded and the function is more advanced.Combined with the current popular elements,the circular arc ejection method is adopted to stabilize the whole machine and improve the overall image of the gas station.


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Economical type: 380V/220V
Motor: 0.75kw, Bennett pump, Bennett flowmeter, small nozzle boot, 3/4 nozzle
Speed-type: 380V/220V
Motor: 1.1kw, CP8 pump, DTJ6 flowmeter, Nozzle boot optional, 1″ solenoid valve, 1″ nozzle
Luxury type: 380V/220V
Motor: 0.75kw, Tatsuno pump or Tokheim pump, Tatsuno flowmeter or Tokheim flowmeter, 1″” nozzle boot, 7H nozzle or ZVA nozzle

DT-C Nozzle Series List

DT-C1121: 1Pump 1Nozzle 2Display 1Keyboard 1Flowmeter
DT-C1221: 1Pump 2Nozzle 2Display 2Keyboard 2Flowmeter
DT-C1222: 1Pump 2Nozzle 2Display 2Keyboard 2Flowmeter
DT-C1242: 1Pump 2Nozzle 4Display 2Keyboard 2Flowmeter
DT-C2222: 2Pump 2Nozzle 2Display 2Keyboard 2Flowmeter
DT-C2242: 2Pump 2Nozzle 4Display 2Keyboard 2Flowmeter