LPG nozzle



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Use User friendly single-action operation entire fueling oper ation is initiated by simply engaging nozzle to the rece ptacle with a single squeeze of the hand. Hammer-Lock technology maximum durability. Designed specifically for frequent coupling and uncoupling. Ergonomic design insulated handle protects operator from temperature effects created by high flowing LP gas. Minimal force required to engage nozzle.
Durable construction heavy-duty brass, aluminum and stainless-steel construction provides excellent corrosion resistance in the harsh fueling environment.
Ease of use Incorporates with a single plane 360o inlet swivel.

 Maximum Operating Pressure: 350psi
LPG Discharge on Disconnect: 4.3cc
Temperature Range: -40℃~85℃
Coupling Style: Italian Style
Materials: Body: Aluminum
Internal Components: Brass/Steel
External Components: Brass/Stainless Steel
Package: 10 pcs/carton
Net Weight: 20 Kg
Gross Weight: 21Kg
Dimension: 360×320×320 mm