Oil and Gas Recovery pump



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Technical Specification

Mode DT-VR1andDT-VR 2
Vot age 220V/380V
Usage restric iors In the oil and gas recovery equipment of the gas station
Ep los ion-proof grade affammsblegascrquid generated by opera on IIA
Necessary device Bectstatigrcundng device
Noise ≤72dB
Maximum volume t low rate 70L/min
Import vacuum ≥0.07MPa
Out et pressure c150mbar
Atmosph erc pressure 85kPa-106kPa
Working me dim oil and gas
Temperature arc und fame arrester find u ding components) and air inlet ≤ 60℃
Atmospheric temperature of the cute tlie ≤ 95℃+5℃
Shipping and Storage Requirement
Temperature -25℃-55℃
humid ty 10%~90M(没有水凝的水)