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gas fuel dispenser Manufacturer in China

Gas Fuel Dispenser has the advantages of a thick and stable appearance, long service life, and high fuel metering accuracy. Equipped with a small ticket printer, the original refueling data can be printed after refueling. It can be upgraded to an IC card to refuel, and it supports the Datian background management system, which is convenient for users to manage.

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    High quality gas fuel dispenser

    Datian machine is the first company in China that specializes in R&D and manufacturing computer controllers for gas dispensers.

    RT-HG series gas dispenser display panel adopts one-piece die casting, which has a strong sense of integrity. The gas dispenser computer controller is independently researched and developed by Datian. It has rich functions and easy operation. It can also change the mode and add functions according to your needs. It also has a wealth of background terminal system support, from a single nozzle to multi-nozzle oil output in any combination.


    The main function

    »  Electronic Calibration.
    »  Voice and printer (option).
    »  Fueling times limit function.
    »  Function of locking pump.
    »  Stop fueling by integer sale.
    »  Can set the decimal point for the display, so can be used in many countries with different currency rates.
    »  Leaves the communication ports, so it can communicate with the gas station management system.
    »  Can communicate with the IC card reader.

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